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I bought my TisDale several weeks ago. Dale set it up and fine-tuned it while I waited. What a treat is was seeing Dale do his magic.
It’s hard to put into words how happy I am with the instrument. What do I have to compare it too?? Well how about a Custom 24
Ten Top, how about a Custom Shop Firebird 7….I could go on and on. Hands down this is the finest ax I’ve ever seen or played. The
neck feels like an old friend with low fast action all the way up the neck. The sound…you can hear it even before you amplify it….
clear, ringing strings. Plug it in and hear pure tone. I just can’t tell you or put into words how sweet and responsive it is. Everything
about this guitar is custom with the workmanship being second to none. Thanks Dale, I look forward to seeing more of your creations.
Mitch Peterson
Wow…that is about the only word that describes this instrument. Much more impressive in person than in photos. Simply stunning look. You did such an outstanding job on the neck. I don’t have enough adjectives to tell how smooth and fast she plays. There is a little Les Paul in her but almost a Satriani neck feel. Very nicely setup as well. I was a little concerned using the newer concept Hannes Bridge but that is simply the smoothest feeling bridge I have ever played – no sharp edges anywhere. I play through an Axe-Fx most of the time so I can dial in most tones from almost any instrument but this guitar sits in a great tone position for the Axe-Fx and the resonance is better than anticipated. The biggest compliment I can pay you is that from the moment the box was opened  4 hours ago until now I have been playing! I never even sat down. It is a very well balanced and comfortable 9 pounds. I was worried about the weight a bit but I could easily play her all night. Certainly lighter than my YAMAHA SG2000. Fit and finish of this instrument is masterful.
Tom Kennedy
After seeing one of Dale’s custom guitars online, I contacted him to discuss a potential custom build made entirely from walnut. From the first time I spoke with him, it was clear that he really knew his guitars inside and out. I had an idea for a Telecaster-like body shape with no cutaway, with smaller upper bouts and a carved top. Within 24 hours, Dale had located a beautiful book matched claro walnut top for the guitar. I met Dale in person in his shop later that week. When I arrived, he had bought a beautiful slab of black walnut that became the body and neck. We spent over two hours working with the final shape of the guitar, and it was very apparent that Dale wanted this to turn out exactly how I had imagined. We settled on a 24 ½” Gibson scale neck, a set of Lollar P-90 pickups, Grover locking tuners and a Tone Pros locking ABR bridge. To compliment the dark walnut, cream binding was chosen along with classic top hat control knobs and mother of pearl inlays. The fingerboard and headstock overlay are ebony. I am proud to say that my guitar is the first to feature Dale’s excellent new headstock inlay.
  Following our initial meeting, Dale immediately got to work, and within a week I received pictures of the guitar that was well on its way towards completion. We met again just before the guitar was to be finished and I was blown away by how comfortable the guitar was to play. The neck profile was perfect, and I immediately felt at home with this guitar in my hands. The ergonomic neck heel allows easy access to the upper frets, despite the lack of a cutaway. The nitro finish is beautiful and really brings out the depth of the claro top. The guitar weighs a comfortable 7-8 pounds and is perfectly balanced. It has sustain for days, and really captures that classic P-90 tone.
  This guitar is the best I’ve ever played by leaps and bounds, and I hope to do business with Dale again in the future.
Andrew Duenkel
I met Dale at his shop to check out one of his solid body body guitars that caught my eye.  I was impressed by the guitar and the man.  Dale is passionate about his guitars and takes great care and effort to ensure his creations meet his quality criteria, sonically and visually.  Dale explained and demonstrated the wood selection process to predict the characteristics of the guitar's tone by pinging the raw wood resonance before the first cut is made.  This goes beyond the type of wood and more to the tone of "each" piece of wood.  I picked up my future TisDale and was loved the acoustic tone at first strum.  The guitar is a collective art piece.  Beautiful wood selection, immaculate finish with a neck carve and feel like it was made specifically for me.  The neck plays perfectly from top to bottom.  If this was not enough, I noticed the very cool wood pickup rings matched the wood on the back as did the hand carved control knobs as was the cavity control cover.  Well done!  Dale carves the neck by hand until it meets his and the customers satisfaction if it's a custom build.  The neck on this guitar is one of the best feeling necks I've ever layed hands on.  The finish really brings out the beauty of the wood and I've no doubt that on a warm summer gigs this neck will work with me and won't turn sticky like some necks do on warmer gigs.  The electronics were first rate and contained a new humbucker splitting concept that I'd not seen before on any guitar.  I liked the guitar even more when I plugged it in.  As did the bandmates at it's first gig.
drew schneider
I just purchased my second custom hand-made Dale Robinson“TisDale” guitar. The first guitar I got from Dale was a solid body, and honestly it has been my favorite guitar in a 40 plus year career of guitar playing.
That is, until I got a second guitar from Dale!
 I play mostly jazz and blues these days so I had to have a TisDale hollow body. Oh boy, this is what I got: Again it has a completely unique style and shape (Dale has a background in design and this shows through nicely in his guitar creations). OK, back to my new guitar, the top wood is 3/4" thick book-matched gorgeous flamed maple, carved inside and out to about 3/16" thick with natural bracing. This makes the guitar remarkably responsive tonally. The core body wood is figured poplar. The back is book-matched crotch walnut with walnut braces.
The guitar is a joy to play. It is very light weight and sounds great played acoustically. It has an overall thickness of 3 inches so it is very easy to hold and I have played it literally for hours. Acoustically it plays just loud enough to drown out the background noise of my wife yelling at me to get the chores done. The neck is a one piece flamed maple with an ebony fret board. The knobs, pickups rings and tail piece are all made from the same piece of crotch walnut as the back. You do not get that level of beautiful detail from even high end American made mass produced guitars that cost even more than Dale’s guitars (anyone priced out a Gibson 335 lately?) The truss rod cover is made from the neck wood. The fret wire is Evo Gold medium with Grover locking tuners. The pickups are a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck. The potentiometers are CTS 500K, the capacitors are 1950's General Instruments .22 paper in oil. It also has a switchcraft input jack and 3 way switch.
As with my other TisDale guitar, the construction is simply perfect; every wooden dovetail joint sanded a buffed to perfection. Dale makes every detail right down to the nut slots to your exact needs.
I have been playing guitar for longer than I want to admit and I am an admitted guitar geek so I have owned or played more guitars than I can even count. TisDale guitars are as good as it gets and are an incredible value. Why buy a guitar made in a factory by 20 or more people, to specifications made to “one size fits none” targets when you can have Dale build you the guitar you have always dreamed of for about the same money? ‘Nuff said: get a custom, hand made, one of a kind TisDale guitar. I have two TisDale guitars now, a solid body and a hollow body, and I could not be happier with these beauties!
Greg Carter
I just purchased a custom hand-made Dale Robinson solid body, uniquely styled shape  “TisDale” guitar, approximately two inch thick mahogany body, rosewood neck, hand carved bone nut. 25" scale, custom 1 7/8” neck, perfectly flat, totally accessible, twin humbuckers, noiseless, with push-pull tone selector mini switches with hand carved wood tone knobs, and coil splitters. This guitar is built very well.  The body is solid yet not overly heavy. The finish is polished to a glass like reflection.  The hardware screw holes are machined perfectly into the body to hold the strap buttons, bridge, etc. solidly in place. This guitar would easily match up to the craftsmanship of the top of the line Paul Reed Smith “reserve” guitars.  Construction is as good as I have ever seen for a wooden-neck dovetail electric guitar and this type of neck design takes considerable skill to build properly (as opposed to the much simpler bolt on style). The action, fit, & finish are near perfection: the neck was sanded lightly in the neck joint area to align perfectly with bridge; the nut slots are spaced evenly to my exact specifications. It has low action, no buzzing, with stable neck.  Deluxe vintage style closed tuners, stays in tune even after some heavy bends.  I am an aging rocker, now mostly playing jazz.  The sound quality of Dale’s guitar perfectly suits my style.  I plugged it in to my well-worn Fender twin and could easily pull some tight crisp rock lines out of the bridge pick-up.  Then I put it up front to the neck pick up and was treated to some nice John Scofield sonic jazz overtones (now if only I had Scofield’s chops!).   Seriously though, this tone is the best I've heard out of a solid body guitar: bright, super clear tones that carve the air into sculptures. Absolutely no noise, yet it distorts better than any other guitar I've tried (and there have been a lot)The sustain, harmonics and overtones are unmatched. I like everything about this guitar's sound.   I have been playing guitar for over 40 years now and I have owned or played them all, from vintage to new, Fender Jaguars, Teles, Strats, Gibson Pauls, SGs, PRS's, hollowbody and arch topped.   Dale’s custom hand build guitar is giving me the all tones, feel, beauty, and durability I'll need.  As for customer support, Dale is easy to get a hold of, very approachable, and seems very much willing to please.  He is a guitarist himself so he understands the language and the needs of a player. I can highly recommend Dale Robinson, without any hesitation, as a luthier, guitar designer and builder.  He is super friendly, easy to work with and will build you the guitar of your dreams, and help you design that guitar if you need help.
 Greg Carter
When I saw the piano, I couldn’t even talk, it is so beautiful and it sounds so beautiful. I want you to come & see it, it’s gorgeous, just gorgeous. Thank you, thank you
Judi Baker
Mason & Risch grand piano
"Just wanted to say that the maple burl snare that I purchased takes pride of place in my snare collection,
and I have a few. Hell when its not being played it sits on show in my living room.  It is an instrument of stunning beauty, even my new wife loves it!

Powerful and rich in tone, whether cranked up tight or tuned down to a fat deep
sound, it never fails to cut it in any musical situation I find myself in.  Rimshots and grace notes are equal in their clarity and resonance.
A work of musical craftsmanship and a joy to play.

Thanks for such a great drum".

Simon Gardner
(Sideways Down UK)
I just got my snare drum and all I can say is WOW! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL  but it plays great! My Drummer loved the warm sound and rim shots that he
got from it and the projection. Even the Vocalist noticed right away the warmth this drum projected. Since I mostly play Bass i got to hear the
difference between Jim's great old deep Gretch snare and your Fantastic Snare. I had to go on memory as Jim Elmer used the TisDale ALL night and
the Gretch stayed hidden somewhere!! It is a great addition to MY kit (Donoho's) and the Craftmanship comes through in every detail. Thanks for keeping American Craftmanship alive!!!
Keep up the great work!!

(NOVAX MO'BASS SEVEN STRING and sometimes Drummer)
MISSION:BLUES (openers for Buddy Guy,Albert King,John Lee Hooker,Elvin
FX BAND (openers for Little Feet, Robert Crey)