TisDale Custom Guitars and Finishing - Custom Guitar Building, Finishing For Wooden Instruments
At TisDale custom guitars and finishing we offer restoration services on all makes and models of pianos from 120 year old grands and uprights to the newest models.
Our workshop, headed by Kenn Wildes, Concert level technician with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of piano restoration can offer our customers every option available on the market for the full restoration that your piano requires.  We serve the greater Seattle area and across the country.
The services we provide are wide ranging.  
Below are listed an overview of what we can provide our customers:
Full refinish to factory specifications, specializing in hand rubbed satin laquer
Full restringing
Harp reguilding
Soundboard repair
Soundboard replacement
New bridge caps/pins
New hammers
New dampers
All new action parts
New keytops
New key bushings
New keypins
Full action regulation
Brass polishing
Replating of old brass or nickle harware
Repairing or replacing broken hardware
New benches
Repairing and refinish existing benches
New fallboard and soundboard decals.
Please visit Kenn Wildes website or contact either me or him in person and we can discuss all of your piano needs.
Please see my contacts page for a link to Kenn Wildes site.