TisDale Custom Guitars and Finishing - Custom Guitar Building, Finishing For Wooden Instruments
A properly set up guitar is a thing to behold.  Most guitars bought new are not set up properly, if at all. 
If you have ever wondered why you cant play the way you want to, your frets buzz, or your fingers hurt after you play, or your guitar just never feels right, you need a pro set up.
We offer full services for acoustic guitar setup and electric guitar setup.
Set Up Work:
Restring and tune $20
Complete Setup $65
Pro Setup:
Fret leveling, diamond crowning and polishing $130
Install machine heads $25
Refret without binding $300-350
With binding $350-400
Partial refret $150
Broken Headstock $100
Replace Nut, Bone or Tusq $75
Replace potentiometer $30
Replace Switch/Toggle  $30
Install pick-up  $25
Custom Wiring $100-500
Install output jack $15
Copper shielding $80