TisDale Custom Guitars and Finishing - Custom Guitar Building, Finishing For Wooden Instruments
TisDale Custom Drums Is committed to providing beautiful hand finished snares and drum sets for musicians who want quality American made drums.  Our goal is to offer custom kits at reasonable prices.
A large part of what we do is concentrated solely on the finishing of drums, guitars, and other instruments.  We pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality finishes money can buy. 
All of our finishes, be they veneer, paint or applications(glitter, etc.) are hand
applied, and finished with a top coat of rock hard nitrocellulose lacquer or high grade urethane and finished with either a hand rubbed satin finish, or a polished
high gloss.  In addition to custom wood coverings, we also offer custom designed wraps that are created by, and only available through TCD.

All TCD drums come standard with EVANS Drum
We offer a full range of services  which include building new snare drums, new
drum sets, and refinishing
existing drum sets.
Cutting Bearing Edges
Snare Beds
Exotic Veneers
Custom Paint Jobs
Your Choice Of 2.3mm or Die Cast Hoops
Almost Any Lug Available On The Market
Your Choice Of Strainer And Wires
Your Choice Of Heads

We can also take your old 10, 12, 13 or 14 inch toms
and turn them into awesome snares.  This is a lot of fun because we can get a
lot deeper shell out of rebuilding an old tom than with most snare shells
available on the market.  
We also offer custom snare cutting, which includes vent holes, or slotted snares.
We also offer cymbal polishing services.  We can make your old cymbals shine
Before Polishing
Before Polishing
Does this look like your cymbal?
After polishing
After polishing
Polishing will bring the tone back to your sound
Before Polishing
Before Polishing
Before Polishing
Before Polishing
After polishing
After polishing
Brilliant finish, brilliant sound
After polishing
After polishing