TisDale Custom Guitars and Finishing - Design, Building, and Pricing - renton, WA
TisDale Custom Guitars and Finishing - Custom Guitar Building, Finishing For Wooden Instruments
The design process is one of the most important parts of building a beautiful custom instrument.
We can take the design you have had in your head for years, or just the slice of an idea you might have and turn it into reality.
We will discuss in detail every aspect of your design, down to the smallest details to make sure that we can produce the exact guitar you have been dreaming about.
A custom guitar is more than just a fancy hand built copy of something that already exists.  It is a culmination of the needs a guitarist has, that other stock instruments can not provide.
When we design a guitar, it is literally from the ground up.  Starting from scetches, to hand selecting the woods, the the final polish of the finish, it is always a one of a kind work of art.
The prices below are the starting points for custom building all instruments.
Strat Tele "style" bolt on necks $1800 
I say "style" because i will not do exact replicas of Fender headstocks.
Flat top set neck solid bodies:  $2000
Carved top set neck solid and chambered bodies:  $2500
Hollowbodies:  $3500